What is this game?

In a world where a beast has risen and removed Rock from the world, the Demigod of Rock grabs his battle guitar Axe and fights the beast…  Suddenly with one blow to the chest the demigod is sent sliding on the ground away from the beast.  With his guitar lost and trapped in the cave of rush he is defenseless and defeated and put into a cage.  Trapped and lonely he only has a little power left, so he used that power to call out to the warriors to help save him.

What did I contribute?

I did scripting for many of the visual effects in the Roadie Battle Game Mode and for various menus in the game.

I also helped the engineering team by merging down script and code files and actively fixing engineering bugs on the project.

Other Info

Publisher:   Activision
Vicarious Visions
Genre:   Music rhythm guitar game
Model:   Traditional purchase, Digital DLC
Modes:   Campaign, PvP
Team Size:   ~ 25
Dev Cycle:   ~ 1 year

Released:   2010